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NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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Are you ready to cross the Bridge?... It starts with a phone call

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Let's talk about you and what fitness/health means in your life currently

-What is your level of movement? (Classes you partake in, cardio, daily movement, etc.)

-How are you eating?

-What are your setbacks and weaknesses?

-What are your goals outside of vanity?(A size you want to fit into, a weight you want to be able to curl, what would make you feel most comfortable in your body? etc.)


I will design the game plan just for you and the lifestyle you deserve.

-How many workouts per week

-Advice on how to eat in order to lean out but still feel strong


Each fitness training session will be 45 minutes of strength mixed with cardio.  The perfect burn just for you is waiting, SO LET'S GO!


Can't make it to me?

Let's ZOOM train!  EVERYTHING can be done over the computer; from your consultation to your sessions.  I'll design workouts using the equipment you have and send links to easy fitness purchases to up your experience and improve your results.


Do not wait to be the best you can be. Get started today!


Become the best version of yourself with Bridge

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Bridget Sell was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in the suburbs of Baltimore Maryland.  From the age of 10 to 16 Bridget participated in lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, and cross country while never really feeling a passion for any of these sports.  Later on she attended Towson University where she received her Bachelors In Theatre.  It was here that she began to find a passion for movement.


The Towson Theatre Department offered an array of classes that involved getting in touch with your core and moving from a place of purpose.  This sparked the value of agency of her own body not only mentally but physically.  Bridget found something incredible while studying the Tadashi Suzuki method of walking.  This paired Shakespearean monologues with grounded walks. As a soldier of artistic breath, the movement forced the actor to employ lingual power from their center.

Every class the teacher would ask the students to "dig deeper. keep fighting-you are stronger than you know."   


After college Bridget moved to Los Angeles where she was accepted into the Lee Strasberg Institute of Theatre and Film.  Film fighting and dance classes once again stoked the flame of bodily movement and the way it helped her feel more grounded as a growing woman.


Running finally found her.  From 2014 to present, she was always training for real or self made distance runs- even running from West Hollywood to the beach (11 miles) !   While running she also maintained a solid training regimen with her mentor Alex Trickel. Under the training/tutelage of Alex, Bridget learned to box and strength train.  Fitness paired with food/caloric mindfulness lead to not just a leaner, stronger body but a mentally sound one. 


Fitness and Diet were the key to happiness.


Body by Bridge  is Bridget's plan to share this idea with the world.  After receiving her National Association of Sports Medicine Certification of Personal Training it was time to begin the task of helping people and spreading this message of mind and body.  You feel better when you are moving and eating foods that fuel you.  Your brain deserves the endorphins of fitness and clarity of a well balanced diet.  Life is easier when we take care of our health.  So let Bridget guide you to a better you by asking "what's the best you can be?"

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